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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy will facilitate in the following areas:


  • Activities of Daily Living (brushing teeth, toileting, hand washing, self-hygiene, personal care and hygiene grooming, simple meal preparation, dressing, undressing)

  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (incorporation into society, money management,  learning safety procedures, meal clean up, house chores, etc)

  • Development in academic skills 

  • Functional mobility (moving safely and independently in a variety of environments)

  • Therapeutic exercises (strengthening and improving range of motion) 

  • Improve self-regulation 

  • Fine motor (ability to manipulate objects with hands, grasp)

  • Gross motor ( movement and coordination of extremities) 

  • Improve handwriting 

  • Development of play skills

  • Development of social skills 

  • Executive functioning (improve initiation of activity)

  • Transfers

  • Vocational (development of job skills)

  • Increase functional independence

Evaluation and Treatment

The first step is getting a prescription from the pediatrician. Once you schedule the evaluation, it usually takes 2-4 weeks for the evaluation to be written, approved by the doctor and authorized by the insurance. The insurance will have the final say regarding how many visits are appropriate. 


Learning Without Tears (LWT)

Our Level 1 certified Learning Without Tears (LWT) occupational therapist is able to assess our clients’ handwriting and create personalized handwriting goals. The occupational therapists at SLB Therapy have extensive knowledge on the LWT  teaching techniques. In addition, our occupational therapists work extensively with our clients to help them improve their handwriting skills using the LWT techniques as a stepping stone to increase and facilitate their learning of essential academic skills.  


Instrumental Activities of Daily Living 

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLS) support daily life within the home and the community. In addition, IADLS are an essential part to being self-independent in our personal lives, as well as gaining the skills to integrate and become contributors of society by developing the foundation of physical and financial independence.  As Occupational Therapists, we provide the  tools for our clients to learn new skills that are useful and allow them to grow personally and empowering them to make safe decisions  from the challenges of everyday life. 

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